Signs GATTINONI Viaggiare con Stile - Milan

Signs made of metal box with acrylic diffuser, led lighting system @madeinquattroterzi
BOGGI BARI New LIfe! New Look!

Interior Signage Siae

The impact with Large format printing is having on our world has grown in recent years, thanks to the digital products developed. The importance of choosing the right material for your specific requirement is essential and will pay off just the thrill of seeing the beautiful reproduction of the color and finishes you can get. The growing demand for personalization of the interior leads to the continuous evolution of the materials with solutions of high impact. In this case, the directional signage can also become a good sign the chart useful and aesthetic, @Quattroterzi accomplished and applied.

At Copying Group, the new meeting space by Silvia Zappalà madein #Quattroterzi

Sustainable installation at copying group with installation of materials and design solutions, @ silviazappalà design, so the new meeting room breathes new perfumes
At Copying Group, the new meeting space by Silvia Zappalà madein # Quattroterzi

BOGGI a Torino si rifà il look

Nulla può essere più di impatto che vedere un intero edificio ricoperto. Con le nuove soluzioni, non ci sono limiti alle tipologie di edifici che possono essere ricoperti: dalle superfici strutturate in mattone o stuccate come pure le superfici lisce o vetrate.A Torino, Quattroterzi realizza le insegne BOGGI e ricopre l' edificio senza pregiudicare l' attività del p.v.!. madein#quattroterzi

Wheelup Car Wrap madein#quattroterzi

ENERVIT "Energy Car wrapping" madein#quattroterzi

Leffe, the sign!

Leffe, the sign! Made with the finest metals like brass brushed
Quattroterzi created the mock-up for Zedda Piras in extruded polystyrene, ...

@Quattroterzi For Zedda Piras

Quattroterzi created the mock-up for Zedda Piras in expanded or extruded polystyrene, and complies with regulations. external treatment with transparent resins gives greater strength and solidity to the mock-up that can be exposed for long periods and are not influenced by any agent or atmospheric phenomenon. made in @quattroterzi

Wall Graphics @Quattroterzi

@Quattroterzi firm operates at the boundary between design, problem solving and manufacturing. We develop branded interiors, we stretch room size canvases, we sustainably print custom privacy film and laser-cut whatever you can imagine, to make a space that matters to you. We’re architects and designers, illustrators and artisans and we join forces to help make your environment something you want to live and work in.

Visibility Bulldog Gin at The Beach Milano

At The Beach Milano #Quattroterzi designs and manufactures interior visibility Bulldog Gin. Made in Quattroterzi

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